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  • Vocals: Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo
  • Guitar: Ak-Ray
  • Guitar: Matty Pasta
  • Bass: Brett Evans
  • Drums: BK Larry


Dreams Don't Die


  • Drugs, Music & Sex


    Drugs, Music & Sex


In 1995 New York hardcore legend Lord Ezec formed the 7 piece thug-core ensemble.
SKARHEAD. After a victorious run as the front man of Crown Of Thorns, Ezec decided to set a new trend with his street blend of hardcore, metal, hip hop and punk. A band built on the image of a street fighting legend from Queens with a no compromising approach to life and music.
Skarhead's debut, "Drugs, Money & Sex" was released in 1997 and shortly after that they signed to Victory Records for the release of the world famous and classic NYHC record “Kings at Crime”, which hit stores in 1999.
The sounds of that Skarhead were amplifyed around the globe through cassette tapes, CD's, stereos and stage performances. Skarhead built a loyal world-wide following by considering the fans and the live show priority number 1.
Being a lead vocalist and leader in the hardcore community for over fifteen years, Lord Ezec came back with Skarhead's long awaited 2009 release "Drugs, Music & Sex". Thirteen brand new tracks that shook the fundaments of the hardcore, metal & punk scene. A record with yet another impressive & distinct list of collaborations featuring some of hardcore's greatest which became an instant classic. For those who love a good blend of street brutality and the most ignorant hardcore party anthems a band can create.
Now we give you “Dreams Don’t Die” a brand new Skarhead record as tribute to some of Lord Ezec's favorite bands from the unforgettable era between 1986 and 1989. Another thirteen tracks from one of the hardest New York bands with guest appearances by Eddie Sutton (Leeway), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Mad Joe (Wisdom In Chains), Scott (Terror) and many more.
T.C.O.B. - Skarhead 2011!!!!