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  • Vocals: Rob Lind
  • Guitar: Jeff G
  • Guitar: Mike
  • Bass: Jinx
  • Keyboard: Ben
  • Drums: Jesse


Kill A Celebrity


RAMALLAH is the product of Rob “White Trash” Lind (BLOOD FOR BLOOD, SINNERS AND SAINTS) taking a quick snapshot of the current turmoil of the world with the angry camera of his soul. Ramallah is a horrifying window into the sheer depravity and brutality that has resulted from the mantra of an eye for an eye and the credo of "do unto others as they have done unto you". Ramallah seeks to expose the ugliness of the bloodshed we get a sneak peak of in the evening news. Rob explains, "We live in terrible times. People should be terrified and horrified and disgusted at what's going on in this world and in their name every single day. Ramallah is here to shove it all right down their throats."
Musically, Ramallah blends apocalyptic metal and chorus-oriented hardcore with eerie melody to result in a potent style of aggressive music. On Ramallah’s debut full length, “Kill A Celebrity”, Rob cohesively blends the best elements of metal, hardcore, punk, and rock ‘n’ roll, to create a challenging, disturbing, and thoroughly convicting, epic masterpiece that is as much political and prophetic as it is personal and revealing.
Ramallah's main lyrical thrust is to uncover the death, disease, and sickness that is the world's current climate, and that is prevalent in the façade of contemporary pop culture. “Kill A Celebrity” targets directly the vanity and superficial focus of Hollywood and the divas and rock stars that grace the airwaves of MTV. The record also poignantly exposes the horrors and effects of child abuse, the stinging scars of poverty, and the global effect of suffering in a world-torn world. In the end though, it is clear, that the voice of Ramallah, though clearly angered, is one that is ultimately “…searching for a heart of gold to tell me the truth.”