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  • Vocals: Freddy Cricien
  • Guitar: Mitts
  • Bass: Hoya Roc
  • Drums: Ben


Infiltrate The System


Soldiers, doctors, lawyers, TV producers, CEOs, suit-and-tie guys and working folk of all stripes: these people comprise an ever-expanding segment of the Madball community. They are a group of fans weaned on the legendary band's brutal New York City Hardcore, who take the fire, passion and spirit that drives Madball. It's an ever-expanding network of either tightly interconnected or loosely associated individuals who share a love of free-thinking, truth-telling and hard-knock sincerity. These people Infiltrate the System.
The members of Madball are icons in the underground and that underground now spills forth into the streets. Since forming in 1988, Madball has been responsible for some of the most important releases in the genre, from the seminal Ball of Destruction EP (1989) to the landmark albums Set It Off (1994), Demonstrating My Style (1996), Look My Way (1998), Hold it Down (2000), and their career defining resurgent, Legacy (2005).
The band completes their music and lyrical evolution with Infiltrate the System with producer Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, Throwdown). It iscomprised of 13 tracks that combine the most tried-and-true and fan-beloved elements of their esteemed catalog with new depth.
To call Infiltrate the System "good" is the understatement of the year. It's in fact nothing less than another victory in a series of triumphs for the band, who are increasingly getting their hard-won due from their longtime fans, their peers in other bands, and new fans alike (who themselves will one day Infiltrate the System).