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  • Vocals: Joost De Graaf
  • Guitar: Erik Wouyers
  • Bass: Carlo Geerlings
  • Drums: Joost Strijbos


Antholgy - US only


  • Old Pride, New Glory


    Old Pride, New Glory

  • Downfall Of The Working Man


    Downfall Of The Working Man

  • Working Class Heroes - Live split with Agnostic Front


    Working Class Heroes - Live split with Agnostic Front

  • Saints & Sinners


    Saints & Sinners

  • Everywhere We Go EP


    Everywhere We Go EP

  • Hooligans Heaven EP


    Hooligans Heaven EP

  • Love Thy Neighbor


    Love Thy Neighbor

  • Nice Boys Finish Last


    Nice Boys Finish Last


Discipline, the undefeated kings of European Street Rock, best known for being one of the most energetic European live acts, are at the absolute top of the European Street Rock ’n’ Roll scene, even outselling some of their own musical heroes.
After 5 years of hard work and recording some demos, Discipline signed to Lost & Found Records in 1995. The first release was the “Stompin’ Crew EP” later that year. This debut was was followed up by Discipline’s first ful length “Guilty as Charged” in 1996. This dynamite Street-Rock album received overwhelming reviews which led to a huge list of shows, including a European tour with The Business.
Early 1998 Lost & Found released the second Discipline album “Bulldog Style”, where the band found a perfect combination between Oi and Hardcore, the sound Discipline is known for nowadays.
By working extremely hard the band gained a reputation of being one of the most energetic European live acts. This almost backfired because of the amount of violence and fights at their shows ran out of control and Discipline almost got crucified for that.
The relationship with Lost & Found faded and the band decided to sign with I Scream Records in 1998. Only a year later I Scream Records released “Nice Boys Finish Last”, a release which earned the band a spot at the top of the European Street-Rock scene. The release of “Nice Boys Finish Last” was followed by a few European tours with bands likes Agnostic Front, Dropkick Murphy’s and The US Bombs. The Dutch thugs even managed to get this record released in the USA.
At the end of the year 2000 the most anticipated follow up “Love Thy Neighbor” was in stores accross Europe and one month prior to that the band also released the EP “Hooligans Heaven” for their fans. The title track of this EP turned out to be a true “Hit-Single” in the underground and with all the Hardcore Football fans. That year the band joined Agnostic Front, Ignite, Shutdown and The Forgotten on The Unity Tour.
In the summer of 2002 I Scream Records released another EP called “Everywhere We Go”, from which yet another Discipline anthem which got piked up by the Football fans and proved itself to be a real classic.
A few months later two brand new Discipline records were released almost simultaniously. The first release was the much anticapted live split CD, “Working Class Heroes”, with their brothers from Agnostic Front (This release was the first “official” live record for both bands, after many bootlegs) and only a few weeks later “Saints & Sinners”, their 3rd full length for I Scream Records, hit stores. The band joined The Eastpak Resistance Tour accross Europe and, finally, went to the US for their first American Tour to play shows with the Dropkick Murphy’s, Agnostic Front, Hatebreed and Murphy’s Law. In 2003 I Scream Records and Captain Oi joined forces for the release of “Rejects Of Society”, the first official “Best Of...” from Discipline.
In early 2004 the band recorded 3 brandnew songs and 3 covers for the split CD, “100%Thug Rock”, with longtime mates Argy Bargy. “100% Thug Rock” was released by Captain Oi! Records in march 2004 and the Discipline track “Red & White Army” became yet another football anthem.
May 9th 2005 saw the release of Discipline’s 7th studio album, “Downfall Of The Working Man”. This 4th studio album for I Scream Records has brought the band to the absolute top of the European Street Rock ’n Roll scene even outselling some of their own musical heroes. Later that year the band toured Finland, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia.
On June 17th and 18th 2005 Discipline was invited to play the Bohsen Onkelz official “farewell” shows in Lausitz, Germany, where over 100.000 fans enjoyed the energetic live performance Discipline is known for.
In 2008 Discipline hit hard with “Old Pride, New Glory”, a new studio album on which the band pays tribute to some of their musical heroes like Agnostic Front, Slade, Golden Earring and many more. 12 brand new cover songs plus 18 covers Discipline recorded over the past years. A total of 30 tracks and over 80 minutes of music.
In June 2009 I Scream Records released a double CD release called "Anthology" for the US market alone with 28 of Discipline's best tracks for the price of 1 CD.