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  • Vocals & Guitar: Fredrik Eriksson
  • Vocals & Guitar: Fredrick Björk
  • Vocals & Bass: José Dominguez Lopez
  • Drums: Thomas Åberg


Twopointeight II


Swedish punk rockers Twopointeight are back with the brand new album, “TWOPOINTEIGHT II”. Once again a great blend of punk & rock confirming that these guys have created a style of their own which, in a genre where many bands end up sounding like the next, is refreshing and highly enjoyable.

Sprung from a collective of Swedish teenagers, who shared many musical projects in the late 90´s, Twopointeight finally completed it´s line-up in 2003. Their self-titled debut was recorded only a few months later but didn’t see a commercial release until May 2005. Recorded in five days and produced by Randy´s Johan Gustavsson, this debut was extremely well received. The opening track “Redeye” even got tons of airplay throughout Scandinavia, on radio as well as on TV.

Twopointeight have since toured all over, playing alongside some of punk rock's greatest such as Bad Religion and Millencolin on their home turf. They even joined Flogging Molly on their 2007 “Green 17” US Tour, while playing shows in Europe with Bombshell Rocks, Dead To Me and The Street Dogs, to name a few.

Hailed by many of their peers as a unique band and great live act, Twopointeight is now ready for the release of their second album, simply dubbed "TWOPOINTEIGHT II", through I Scream Records in the spring of 2011
This long-awaited follow up was recorded in the course of 2009 & 2010 and once again they decided to work with Johan Gustavsson at the legendary Gröndahl Studios. The sound has evolved and with gritty guitars backed up by big drums “TWOPOINTEIGHT II” is an album any punk rocker, or music lover, needs to grab.









09/10/14 Twopointeight 9:30 Club Washington, DC with Gaslight Anthem
09/16/14 Twopointeight House Of Blues Boston, MA with Gaslight Anthem
09/18/14 Twopointeight Metropolis Montreal, Canada with Gaslight Anthem
09/27/14 Twopointeight Fox Theatre Oakland, CA with Gaslight Anthem
09/28/14 Twopointeight The Palladium Los Angeles, CA with Gaslight Anthem
09/30/14 Twopointeight House Of Blues San Diego, CA with Gaslight Anthem
10/01/14 Twopointeight Marquee Theatre Phoenix, AZ with Gaslight Anthem
10/03/14 Twopointeight Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, AZ with Gaslight Anthem
10/07/14 Twopointeight Buckhead Theatre Atlanta, GA with Gaslight Anthem
10/08/14 Twopointeight Marathon Music Works Nashville, TN with Gaslight Anthem
10/10/14 Twopointeight Civic Theatre New Orleans, LA with Gaslight Anthem